5 Stylish Outdoor Awnings that Provide Protection from Sun’s Heat & Glare

Do you enjoy outdoor living and desire some protection from the fiery sun, especially during the summer months? Well, outdoor blinds and outdoor awnings provide the best solution. Here are our top five recommendations for outdoor awnings and shades.


1. Patio Blinds

Outdoor Patio Blinds Sydney

Are you looking for outdoor blinds to get protection from the sun’s heat? Well, cafe blinds or patio awnings will serve the purpose best. Patio blinds made out of tinted or clear PVC will not compromise your view. Once installed, each panel joins together to shape a protective impediment between you and the elements. Patio blinds will help you relax and enjoy your outdoor space without worrying about the glare, wind or rain.

Patio blinds come in three variants viz. retractable guide, wire guide, and rope and pulley.

  • Retractable systems are available as spring-assisted or motorised.
  • Wire guide systems come with an easy manual crank or an efficient motor.
  • Rope and pulley systems are simple to use.


2. Pivot Arm Awnings

Pivot arm awnings are ideal for spreading airflow and curtailing direct sunlight in the home. This style is recommended for doors and upper-floor windows, and verandahs that require frequent and effortless access, as the design projects the awning away from the property or the building. That means once you get pivot arm awnings installed outside your home, you will get protection from the heat, glare and ultraviolet rays of the sun apart from better airflow circulation throughout your home.


3. Retractable Awnings

Folding Arm Awnings Sydney

Retractable awnings are also referred to as folding arm awnings. Retractable awnings are an easy and economical way to expand your outdoor living space. Folding-awning based on the cantilevered structure, so the awning cover and supporting frame retract fully against the property or building. If you like canvas awnings, then you can customise your retractable awnings with canvas fabric. Once you install your canvas awnings, the amount of sunlight that strikes your property and enters through the glass will get curtailed considerably. Besides, it helps to regulate the temperature inside your home and safeguard your indoor furnishings from fading.


4. Wire Guide Awnings

Wire guide awnings are robust, functional and fabulously stylish, offering protection from the components all through the year. It is firm window awnings and receives the name from the stainless-steel wire cable that guides the awning up or down, guaranteeing controlled movement.


5. Auto Awnings

For obtaining utmost protection from the sun’s harsh rays, auto-awnings can be installed on most windows. It can be raised and lowered effortlessly to any position of your liking, and all you need to do is slide the arms on the guide rods. Auto awnings are best suited for ground floor or balcony windows because they reflect heat and help your home cool down during the blazing summer months.



Motorising your window treatments have become more affordable nowadays, so electric awnings are attracting a massive demand.

Colour Options

After you select the right style of outdoor awning for your home, it’s crucial to consider the colour for it. The current trend is to harmonise awning colours with your house’s exterior to get an eye-catching visual appeal. Bear in mind that lighter colours are more efficient for controlling heat while darker colours are best for curtailing glare.

Final Words

Thanks to the heavy-duty design of modern outdoor awnings, they are excellent window treatments for creating shade and shielding your outdoor space in style. Besides, they can lower up to 91% heat in your home, making a considerable difference during the blazing summer months.

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