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Plantation Shutters in Sydney

Breathe a fresh lease of life into your old and dated windows with a striking range of plantation shutters in Sydney only from Homeworx Australia. Plantation shutters render a high level of insulation and facilitate you to stay cosy in winter and cool in summer with convenient hinged fins, modest airflow and light throughout your home. Moreover, it will significantly lower heating and cooling costs for your home, which is a bonus.

Type of Plantation Shutters

Timber/Basswood Shutters in Sydney

Timber is an ideal wood for making plantation shutters. Homeworx Australia has a stunning range of frames and color shades to match your interior designs and styles. Timber shutters are very straight and have an excellent consistent texture with a vague grain. Basswood timber is robust and relatively lightweight.

PVC Plantation Shutters in Sydney

PVC window shutters are widely used, cheap alternatives available for plantation shutters in Sydney. At Homeworx Australia, you’ll get synthetic shutters that are distinctively engineered to deal with UV rays, heat and moisture without chipping, flaking or denting. They can be ideally installed in wet rooms such as bathrooms.

Aluminium Shutters

Aluminium shutters are specifically crafted for the outdoor environment. At Homeworx Australia, we have an array of styles and color choices for aluminium shutters, and you can choose the one that perfectly matches your room interiors. Built with stronger extrusions, aluminium shutters are ideal for exterior uses particularly in Australia’s harsh climate.

Aluminium Shutters

Interior Plantation Shutters  Features

Interior plantation shutters come with interesting design features that you can choose from to obtain the perfect look and feel you need for your sweet home. The essential feature is louvre size and control.

Louvre Size

The main horizontal component of the shutter, louvre slats open and close every day. Choosing the size of louvre slats, perhaps, affects the look and feel of your window treatments. It is very important to choose the louvre size prudently.

Louvre Control

Once you have decided on a louvre size, the next important thing is to determine how those louvres will work. There are two styles to control the opening and closing of the louvre slats and they are:

  • Standard Front-Tilt Bar offers the conventional look on the plantation shutter that’s one of the most beautiful window treatments out there.
  • Upgraded Aluminium Rear Control Rod removes the front tilt bar from the shutter, imparting the shutter a more refined and modish look with “cleaner” lines.

Besides aesthetics, there is no major difference between the two louvre control systems.

Varied Styles of Plantation Shutters

  • Sliding Plantations

On the side of your door or window, sliding shutters slide multiple panels into one particular panel.

  • Bi-Fold Plantations

Bi-folding plantation shutters provide exceptional unhindered visibility by facilitating the panels to fold back on themselves, creating a welcoming interior living space along with a beautiful outdoor view.

  • Fixed Plantations

Fixed plantation shutters are perfect for small windows, such as bathrooms. Moreover, fixed shutters are integrated with adjustable blades and they provide inexpensive light and privacy control.

  • Hinged Plantations

The hinged plantation is the widely used plantation shutter, as it can be used on doorway openings and windows.

Plantation Shutters

Advantages of Plantation Shutters

  • Plantation shutters provide excellent blocking from the outside view and offer superb privacy, as well as, security.
  • Plantation shutters provide fantastic shielding from the harsh sun’s heat during summers and efficient heat insulation during the winter.
  • They can be effortlessly altered for light control.
  • They provide better control over the room’s ventilation.
  • They have simple, clean lines and provide a trendy and ageless look.
  • They are simple to clean and maintain and always look like new.
  • They increase your home’s value.

Plantation Shutters for Sliding Doors & French Doors

Plantation shutters can be installed on sliding doors and French doors as interior shutters offering the same privacy, shade and style.

French Doors

Typically, plantation shutters are installed on French doors, as they avert the impact that blinds produce when the doors are opened and closed. If you wish to lend a classic finishing touch to your home’s design, then you can install wooden plantation shutters on your French doors.

Sliding Doors

To obtain an elegant and modern look, you can install plantation shutters for sliding doors. Moreover, they safeguard your doors from glass breakage. The shutters can be easily folded or slid smartly to the side to facilitate access in and out of the doors. When closed, they provide control over the light in the room and offer full privacy when required

Plantation Shutters

Why Choose Homeworx Australia for Installing Plantation Shutters

  1. Speedy Installation: Owned and manufactured here in Australia guarantees your shutters are installed in no time.
  2. ​Efficient Insulation: Contemporary plantation shutters can efficiently aid to lower your heating and cooling costs.
  3. Quality Assurance: Our plantation shutters are tested constantly to make sure they are of the best quality possible.
  4. ​Low on Maintenance: Plantation shutters are remarkably easy to maintain. Using a mild detergent or a general surface spray, you can easily perform an instant wipe-down.

If you want to install durable and elegant plantation shutters in your Sydney home, then right away call us at Homeworx Australia on 1300 53 88 00 today.

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