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Artificial Grass Or Synthetic Turf In SydneyArtificial Grass Or Synthetic Turf

Homeworx Australia is a supplier of high-quality artificial turf in Sydney. Artificial or synthetic grass is the perfect long-term solution for grass not only in residential yards and business establishments but also in school playgrounds and sports grounds. Irrespective of the weather or water conditions, the synthetic grass looks wonderful all through the year. Walking barefoot over synthetic grass is soft and it’s comfortable to the touch. If you’re looking for premium quality artificial grass in Sydney with exceptional customer service, you’ve come to the right place. Homeworx Australia is one of the prominent artificial grass suppliers in Sydney and provides artificial grass installation services as well.

Artificial/ Synthetic Grass to Beautify Your Lawns

Artificial or synthetic grass is a surface of synthetic fibres that are made to resemble natural grass. Earlier artificial grass was mostly used in sports arenas where the sport was normally played on grass. Nonetheless, these days, it is widely being used on residential and commercial lawns, so why you are waiting for it? call now to install artificial grass in Sydney.

Why Choose Synthetic Grass in Sydney

Synthetic grass or artificial turf is quickly becoming the preferred choice to natural grass. The premium range of artificial turf does not need to be mowed, edged or watered yet it will remain lush green and lively all around the year and you can use your valuable time elsewhere – isn’t that simply great!

  • Hygienic: With light watering, you can eliminate foreign bodies from artificial grass easily, which makes it free from harmful materials, thus, it’s hygienic.
  • Safe: Artificial turf offers a safe environment for both children and pets.
  • Long-Lasting: Artificial grass will look lush green all through the year. Its UV stabilised to control fading and is built with drainage, so it dries out promptly when not protected from rain or light watering.
  • Minimal Maintenance: Synthetic turf does not require being watered, mowed or fertilised. It provides the same look and feel as the natural lawn and allows you to sit back and enjoy your outdoor space instead of engaging in the never-ending fight of weeding. Artificial grass is an interesting option, particularly if you reside somewhere having acidic soil or any other ground conditions that make it tough for natural grass to grow.

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Using outdoor blinds, you can even cover the area where you have laid your artificial grass and extend your living room. The best way to transform your outer space into an extension is to close it up with elegant outdoor blinds like eZip blinds. eZip blinds’ no gap system means that you can now extend your living area and relax comfortably on your balcony. It will protect you from outer elements such as the sun’s heat, UV rays, wind, rain and even annoying flying insects while peacefully enjoying the view. eZip outdoor blinds are available in diverse colours to suit your home interiors, allowing you to choose between a crank, spring and motorised operation.

Outdoor blinds Sydney

Key Benefits of Artificial / Synthetic Grass

  • Lush green playground for your children and pets all through the year: Homeworx supplies premium quality artificial grass that is soft, non-toxic and durable, making it very safe for your children and pets.
  • It looks magnificent all through the year: Artificial grass is exceptionally resistant to weather conditions such as wind, rain, cold and heat. That means you’ll never get a dull or damaged-looking lawn when you choose an artificial lawn.
  • You can save on water bills: Artificial grass doesn’t require water to remain lush green and lively. Thus, laying artificial grass instead of original grass can help you to save money on your monthly water bill by up to 67%.

It’s a sustainable option: Making use of superior-quality synthetic turf proves to be a more sustainable landscaping alternative. That means you won’t require fertiliser to keep the lawn prepared for the winters, which is known to be unsafe for the environment. Moreover, you don’t have to use lawnmowers that release carbon, thereby helping you to save precious fuel and energy. In addition, you won’t require pesticides to eliminate weeds and pesky bugs.

Surfaces Were Artificial Grass Can Be Installed

Homeworx Australia can install the best synthetic turf on balconies, lawns, childcare centers, golf greens, pool areas, school playgrounds and sports surfaces in Sydney. From start to finish, we’re dedicated to delivering superior quality synthetic grass to you in Sydney – from the instant, we measure up your job to the last morsel of sand that falls on your top dressing. If you require artificial lawn installation in Sydney then don’t forget to call the Homeworx Australia team.

Artificial Grass Installation SydneySynthetic grass Sydney

You can install synthetic turf on the following four surfaces:

  1. Soil: Synthetic grass is mostly installed on the soil. Prior to installation, the surface must be cleaned thoroughly and cleared of any stones or pebbles. The surface’s drainage system should be changed in advance so that you don’t face any types of issues during and after the installation.
  2. Cement: Artificial grass is commonly installed on the cemented area near the swimming pool and on cemented patios. You can cut synthetic turf to any shape and size and install it to augment your property’s looks.
  3. Brick: Brick can provide uneven surfaces, so our professional installers will put a thin pad in between to maintain uniformity, in an efficient way.
  4. Wood: Artificial grass can be laid on wooden surfaces such as patios, benches, wooden decks and plant racks. However, wood needs to be first shielded from the impact of water. Homeworx has trained and expert installers to do it; they will fix a covering over the surface to make it waterproof and then once the platform is ready, they will install artificial grass on it.

For installing artificial/ synthetic grass in Sydney’s residential or commercial spaces, immediately call us at HomeWorx Australia on 1300 538 800!

Homeworx Can Install Different Types of Artificial Grass in Sydney

Short Pile Artificial Turf

Synthetic turf having short pile is around 10-20mm in length on average and is an inexpensive option, thus, it is the favourite option of synthetic grass suppliers for use with leisure activities. Its short length and hardness make it the perfect choice for tennis courts, cricket pitches and other sport surfaces that require grass. Moreover, it can be used as a temporary alternative, so it is ideal for outdoor events like weddings or other social gatherings.

Long Pile Artificial Turf

Synthetic turf having long pile provides a more cosmetically appealing option, thus, it can be generally seen beautifying the front lawns of many properties in Sydney and the rest of Australia. This grass type is treated to endure many deterioration factors that can influence it in its best location such as heavy foot traffic and extreme weather conditions else, it’s exceptionally durable. Thanks to a strong adhesive that’s needed to bond it in place, which makes it less vulnerable to being pulled off from its roots.

Short and Long Pile Artificial Grass Sydney

Why Homeworx Australia for Artificial Lawn Installation in Sydney?

When you order your artificial grass from Homeworx Australia, know that we also back our sales with our professional synthetic grass installation service in Sydney. At Homeworx Australia, our range of high-quality artificial grass comes with our quality assurance; we back our products.

Homeworx supplies artificial lawn of premium quality that needs minimal maintenance, which you’ll enjoy for many years to come. No need to mow the lawn, just make the most out of it.

  • Premium quality
  • Cost-effective prices
  • Quick delivery & prompt after-sales service
  • Fully insured and certified
  • We do your job right the first time itself
  • Cordial installers having vast experience
  • 10 Years warranty for complete peace of mind
  • We supply Australian-made artificial grass that’s soft and safe for kids and pets

Quick Tips to Maintain Synthetic Grass

Synthetic Turf Sydney

The Right Tools

You’ll need a leaf blower, hose, rake and a stiff brush to keep your artificial grass clean and neat.

Keep Your Grass Clean

You need to keep dirt, debris, leaves and mud out of your grass. These can look ugly and can break down, and get stuck in your artificial grass fibres. Remove anything that falls on your lawn to keep it clean or you can vacuum your lawn to keep it clean and immaculate.

Tidying Up

If kids and pets are playing on the artificial grass regularly, then it is vital to perform regular tidying up of your lawn. Clean up spills or pet messes as soon as you’re able so that your artificial grass will remain clean and hygienic.

Regularly Brush Your Lawn

The fibres of artificial grass can get twisted up depending on the synthetic grass’ height and the fibres can lie down if heavy objects like garden furniture are weighing down on the carpet for some time. Thus, it’s vital to brush your lawn with a stiff brush periodically to keep the synthetic grass blades looking fine, as well as, straight and tall.

Rinsing is Imperative

Artificial grass is intended to endure many of the elements including water. Whenever you want to eliminate dirt, sticky spills or pet messes, you can wash your artificial grass. In addition, a soft detergent can be used to eliminate rigid messes and mineral spirits can be used to eliminate hard messes like motor oil or greases.

Remove Unpleasant Odours

Unpleasant odours can result from excessive moisture during the rainy season or from pet messes. Use a mixture of water and freshener or an enzyme cleaner to eliminate these unpleasant odours.

It’s Essential to Treat the Artificial Grass with Weedicides

Treating your artificial turf with weedicide occasionally is important, as it will prevent weeds and plants from sprouting out and causing damage to your lawn. During the spring and summer seasons, you should pay more attention to weeding.

Get In Touch

Contact our professional and friendly team at Homeworx on 1300 53 88 00 and get specialist advice on our full range of high-quality artificial grass in Sydney and experience the marvel of artificial turf.

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