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Outdoor Blinds in Blacktown


Outdoor blinds are a magnificent addition to any outdoor space. They are also known as cafe blinds, patio blinds or bistro blinds. At Homeworx Australia, outdoor blinds are available in an array of choices, so it’s easy to find the right blind for any place and furnishings. Our outdoor blinds will offer you shelter from the sun, weather and bugs, so you can be confident of getting privacy and comfort all through the year. We can assure that you’ll be using our blinds for a long time, saving you the annoyance of having to change damaged blinds in Blacktown. Our outdoor blinds will lend your property a smart and modern feel of beauty, as well as, peace of mind.

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Types of outdoor blinds we provide in Blacktown and nearby suburbs:

  • Automated or motorised blinds in Blacktown
  • Dual system blinds
  • Outdoor roller blinds Blacktown
  • Gazebo outdoor blinds
  • Patio & pergola blinds
  • Balcony, deck & veranda blinds
  • Clear plastic PVC blinds Blacktown
  • Restaurant, cafe & bistro blinds
  • Shade weave track guided blinds

Awnings in Blacktown

Awnings offer the much-needed shelter and protect you from the harsh sun. Retractable folding arm outdoor awnings provide one of the most adaptable and practical shading solutions for residential and commercial use. Awnings can be customised to spaces of any size. A retractable folding arm awning will create a unique living space on a balcony, deck, patio or any other place. Moreover, you can install them as a series to produce an impressive veranda effect for restaurants and walkways in Blacktown.

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Types of Awnings we install in Blacktown:

Folding arm awning – An elegant shade solution

The straightforward, sleek design and array of fabrics makes the folding arm awning an elegant shade solution for any type of outdoor space, be it a patio, deck, terrace, veranda, shop front or cafe. Awnings being ornamental also lends colour to your surroundings, as well as, decrease sunlight and glare, reduce the indoor temperature, provide privacy while allowing fresh air to enter inside, and aids in shielding your home’s furniture, carpet, flooring and curtains from fading.

We Provide Custom Solutions for Outdoor Blinds & Awnings in Blacktown     

No longer do homeowners need to be anxious about using their outdoor living spaces in the blazing summer sun or in the cold of winter. These outdoor blinds go a long way in protecting your outdoor decking and furniture from water damage. Ideal for insulating against cold breezes, our outdoor blinds can be used in combination with traditional outdoor heating appliances to produce warm, cosy entertaining spaces for homes and restaurants in all season.

Homeworx Australia’s range of outdoor blinds and awnings in Blacktown are guaranteed to fulfil your needs, but in the event, you have a distinctive specifications, then don’t worry, we can also custom-built outdoor blinds and awnings to make sure you get the right product that perfectly fits to your residential or commercial space.

If you need custom solutions for outdoor blinds and awnings anywhere in Sydney, call us at Homeworx Australia on 0433 690 747 today.

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