How Window Awnings Can Shield & Beautify Your Home

Outdoor Window Awnings Sydney

The easiest way to reduce the inside temperature of your home and safeguard your belongings is by installing beautiful window awning on your property. An awning can efficiently obstruct the brutal UV rays that could fade your furniture, curtains or shades.

At Homeworx Australia, our expert team will help you to choose the perfect window awning for your home as per your precise requirements and preferences. When you buy a window awning from us for your home, you’ll reap the following advantages:

Weather Resistance

The materials used are made from a hundred percent solution-dyed synthetic fibers that can resist mould, mildew and other fungi.

Pleasing to the Eye

Using a variety of different fabric materials, styles and colors, we can easily match it with your current home exteriors thereby lending aesthetic appeal.


Made with powder-coated frames, our awnings are resistant to rust formation and scratching. Besides, they need little to no maintenance at all. When you want to have the ultimate window awning experience, right away approach Homeworx Australia. Our awnings have undergone stringent wind speed tests and we can assure you that they are well above the industry standards.

Many just love the aesthetic appeal an awning adds to their property, be it residential or commercial.

Regardless of whether you install one above a window or door, it will lend noteworthy functional and visual enhancement. Moreover, an awning will enhance energy efficiency by lowering the sun’s light and heat. Additionally, you might want to install one on your deck or patio to safeguard both you and your outdoor furniture from sun and gentle rain.

When selecting the right awning, you should consider three major features namely:

  1. The type of awning you prefer
  2. Material (fabric) and
  3. The style

Types of Awnings available

There are two major awning types and they are fixed and retractable awnings, and they are accessible in numerous shapes.

  • Fixed awnings are also known as stationary awnings and come with a welded frame that is permanently fixed to a wall. This feature makes this awning type perfect for smaller areas like doors and windows, providing full weather safeguard. Moreover, they are built strong to endure.
  • Retractable awning is also connected to your property but it can be opened and closed to offer as petite or ample cover as you need. Retractable awnings can be stretched by a hand crank or motorised controls. Perfect for deck and patios, retractable awnings frame need very little maintenance. Moreover, they can be installed to the roof and the walls. In windy weather conditions, they can be put aside.




Types of Cover

Awning covers are usually available in two different fabric types’ viz. (1) Cotton and (2) Polyester; however, you’ll also get Poly-Carbonate as a third option in fabric selection.

Cotton: Cotton is a conventional awning material and it’s innately robust, waterproof and enduring. You can wash cotton fabric in your washing machine.

Polyester: When you choose a polyester awning, you can be certain that it will resist weather and block harmful UV rays while still letting some sunlight. This material is also breathable and you can just wipe it down to clean it.

Poly-Carbonate: Poly-carbonate material is strong and this type of awning will be nearly unbreakable and many of them also feature UV protection and lower transmission of light.

These fabrics are often treated in one of three ways – they will be laminate-coated, acrylic-coated or vinyl-coated.

  • Laminate or vinyl coating makes the fabric fire and water-resistant but more prone to fading.
  • Conversely, the acrylic layer helps the fabrics’ colour to last but doesn’t add that water and fire resistance.

Styles of Window Awning

Distinctive awning styles can make your home or business noticeable. While you get a variety of options in stationary awnings, most of the retractable awnings are available only in the ornamental style.

If you need retractable or drop awnings in Sydney, call us at Homeworx Australia at 1300 538 800 and one of our cordial staff will be able to help you with any queries you may have concerning our entire awning range.

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