3 Top Outdoor Blinds That Are Popular In Australia

Are you looking for outdoor blinds for your home? If your answer is yes, then have you figured out what type of outdoor blinds you need? Well, different types of outdoor blinds are available that include custom blinds in Sydney, but you need to choose the outdoor blinds based on your needs. People want to protect themselves and their homes from the blistering sun, winds and rain, as well as enjoy their outdoors.

Nonetheless, when customers come to Homeworx Australia, often they aren’t sure concerning what type of outdoor blinds they need. At Homeworx Australia, we love to help our potential customers to choose the right outdoor blind that’s best suited for their needs. If you’re also looking to purchase outdoor blinds for your home, cafe, shop or office, then continue reading as you may discover the right outdoor blinds that you need.

Here are the three top outdoor blinds hugely popular in Australia.

1. Ziptrak Outdoor Blinds

Ziptrak Outdoor Blinds

Ziptrak outdoor blinds are one of the quickest-selling outdoor blinds; besides, they are best to create a seal around your space. Ziptrak outdoor blinds also referred to as zip lock blinds, and make a tight screen that can also keep small bugs and animals out. Moreover, the Ziptrak outdoor blinds come with side panels that can help to lock the screen and make a closed stretched screen. When you want to incorporate outdoor blinds flawlessly into your open space and block winds, then Ziptrak outdoor blinds are ideal. Furthermore, as Ziptrak outdoor blinds don’t have any zippers, motors, cranks, or cords, they are visually appealing, and you can install them at any length of your preference.

2. Outdoor Roller Blinds


Outdoor roller blinds are one of the most common outdoor blinds that you see in Sydney. Homeowners prefer outdoor roller blinds in Sydney as it is obtainable with different levels of opaqueness, and they are easy to use. When shut, outdoor roller blinds roll upwards around a circular tube.

As these blinds safeguard outdoor living areas from the fiery sun and other components, they are also known as Alfresco blinds. Install outdoor roller blinds on your verandah or balcony and unwind in your outdoor living space in style without worrying about sun, wind or rain interrupting your relaxing time. In outdoor roller blinds, you can easily adjust the tension in the fabric, which is the best thing about it. Besides, motorised variants of outdoor roller blinds are available that effortlessly roll up and down with the assistance of a remote. At Homeworx Australia, we have an array of Alfresco blinds and we also custom-make outdoor blinds in Sydney as per your requirements.

3. Corded Outdoor Blinds

As the name suggests, corded outdoor blinds come with a cord mechanism, which helps to pull the blinds up or lower it down. Corded blinds are traditional and the oldest type that is in use to date. Besides, corded outdoor blinds come with fewer moving components when compared to cordless outdoor blind variants.

A Final Word

Voila, the three commonly used outdoor blinds; as per your preference choose any of the three, and you’ll not go wrong!

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