What Are Zipscreen And Ziptrak & How Do They Difference?


Zipscreen vs Ziptrak

Ziptrak vs Zipscreen – What’s the Difference?


When you want to purchase quality blinds for your outdoor area, many options are available on the market, which could overwhelm you. Zipscreen and Ziptrak outdoor blinds are the two most popular systems known for their functionality, durability and modishness. Differentiating and selecting between the two outdoor blinds can be tricky when considering your home and specific requirements.


Ziptrak has some vital features, making it more desirable than Zipscreen in terms of how it works, its usefulness and its price. However, when selecting the best outdoor blinds for your home, you must consider your budget, what looks good and what you expect from your blinds. So, we’ll delve deeper into how Ziptrak and Zipscreen compare against each other.


Ziptrak Blinds 


Ziptrak blinds were invented and made by a South Australian company keeping in mind the harsh Australian weather conditions. Initially, the company focused on making roller shutters and external sun shading shutters before developing Ziptrak blinds for the domestic market, which made the company popular. After the initial launch of Ziptrak blinds, the company continually refined and tweaked its design to provide us with highly functional, stylish contemporary blinds.


Ziptrak blinds superior quality, visual appeal, and affordability make them distinctive from their competitors, and their makers are passionate and committed to providing Aussies with premium quality products that are highly functional and durable.


Zipscreen Blinds


An Australian business collaborated with an American company called Rollease, which was making Zipscreen and Acmeda, to form a new company Rollease Acmeda. Today, Rollease Acmeda supplies automatic blinds worldwide, in countries such as the United States, Europe and Australasia. Their Zipscreen design uses former blind technologies called Zlock, making them a rival to the Ziptrak brand in Australia. Initially, they did struggle with their designs, which they overcame, and today, they have an entire range of Zipscreen blinds for sale. Zipscreen blinds have been made and tested to handle Australia’s harsh and unpredictable weather.


How Do Ziptrak and Zipscreen Keep The Fabric In Track? 


Ziptrak and Zipscreen outdoor blind systems originate from different places, so it is interesting to see how it keeps the fabric in the tracks. How the outdoor blinds hold the fabric in the runners is an essential part of a functional and reliable outdoor blinds system. Outdoor blind functionality and success depend on how the system holds the fabric’s edges and allows it to move up and down seamlessly.


  • Ziptrak blinds use a strong fabric called Kedar, which is fixed to the blind material using welding. This blending of materials provides a good balance of flexibility and toughness. The Kedar system is dependable, making the blinds look refined because they fit tightly.
  • On the other hand, the Zipscreen blinds use ZLock technology. Here, one side of a regular 5mm zipper that we can see on clothes is fixed to a track. At times, it can get stuck, especially in harsh weather. And like Ziptrack, Zipscreen can’t handle the same pressures and conditions.


Best Locking System


The Ziptrak system provides a more functional locking system that is graceful and stylish, whereas the Zipscreen blinds system uses simple bolts. Furthermore, Ziptrak blinds use rubber seals around their edges, which lowers hot and cold temperatures whenever the blind is in use.


  • Ziptrak provides an array of bolt systems, which include their easy-to-use centre release lock. They also have other locking selections, like interior and exterior operated blinds and multiple locks. It provides you generous selection when selecting features for your blinds.
  • On the other hand, Zipscreen has a simple and somewhat dated bolt system. It works, but it’s not the most efficient or agile.


Final Words


When choosing the best-suited blinds for your home, you must select the one that meets your needs. You can rely on Ziptrak because they are premium outdoor blinds that are stylish, functional and long-lasting. More importantly, they are perfect for Australian weather conditions and affordable. Furthermore, you can customise Ziptrak blinds to fit any home.


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