How Do Blinds, Roller Shutters & Awnings Different?

When selecting a shading system for your home’s windows, choosing the right type is vital to let in the right amount of light and create the desired ambiance. The three main options are Blinds, Roller Shutters and Awnings. Here’s a comparison of the three and how they might fit your needs.

Awnings vs Roller Shutters vs Blinds

1. Awnings

window awnings

Awnings are covers that extend outward from your window, like a roof. They come in fixed and retractable varieties and can be made from metal or fabric. Window awnings are always positioned on the outside of the window and protrude outward. Awnings are ideal for homes that obtain plenty of sun and heat. 


They provide a lot of variety in style and color and can even be large enough to cover decks, pools, and parking areas. However, there should be adequate space to install an awning without encroaching on your neighbor’s property. If you have sufficient space, the possibilities are limitless!


2. Roller Shutters

Roller shutters are different types of window covering that can be made from a variety of materials, like awnings. However, they are easier to operate by hand than awnings, which are more challenging to open and close.


Roller shutters are installed on top of the window and can be rolled down to the desired height to allow the desired light. Since metal shutters are sturdy and can discourage break-ins, they are the best option for those who give prominence to window safety. And they are beneficial for holiday homes that stay vacant for lengthy periods.


3. Blinds


Blinds vary from roller shutters and awnings as they are installed inside the house rather than on the outside. Although they do not provide the same level of security as roller shutters, they provide exceptional privacy and light filtering capabilities for the rooms. Various indoor blinds are available in diverse styles and materials to suit your home’s design and needs.


Roller blinds are a practical and classy option, rendering a clean look while allowing maximum light into the room. Vertical blinds are versatile and cost-effective, with privacy and light filtering functionalities. Venetian blinds give you control over light and privacy and are ideal for wet areas like bathrooms.


Final Thoughts


Blinds, roller shutters, and awnings are all excellent additions to any home or business. These window coverings provide light control, privacy and protection from changing weather conditions, all while improving the visual appeal of a space.


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