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What Are The Best Outdoor Blinds For Me in Sydney?

What Are The Best Outdoor Blinds For Me in Sydney?

Outdoor blinds

Looking for outdoor blinds in Sydney to enhance your outdoor living area for relaxation or entertaining your guests?

A beautiful outdoor entertainment area is often a top priority among most Australian homeowners and as Sydney’s outdoor blinds specialist, Homeworx Australia helps you get the most of your outdoor living area through all seasons. Here are the types of blinds.

  • Dual System Blinds
  • Roll Up and Crank Up Blinds
  • Motorised or Automated Blinds
  • Gazebo Outdoor Blinds
  • Patio and Pergola Blinds
  • Balcony Deck and Veranda Blinds
  • Outdoor Clear PVC Blinds
  • Restaurant, CafĂ© and Bistro Blinds
  • Shade Weave Track Guided Blinds
  • Urban Track

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These provide exceptional light control and privacy for homes. These combine two blinds; one made from clear PVC material and the other from shade weave fabric. As the ultimate choice for year-round protection of your outdoor area, Dual system blinds make a great choice to protect from harsh UV rays, volatile weather or even those nosy neighbours. While together these provide utmost protection, you can also choose to use either of them too at any specified time, each independently controlled.


Looking to protect your outdoor space with made-to-order outdoor blinds that have simple lines. Available in an array of fabrics including translucent, block out and sunscreen, roller blinds are a great way to cover your outdoor space. These have excellent insulation i.e. ability to reflect and absorb solar energy making them a great choice to keep you cooler in the summers and warm in the winters. Easy to operate and durable, these outdoor blinds are attractive and fade-resistant. Have kids at home or need roll up outdoor blinds for a large open area? Choose from the crank operated blinds for a safer and convenient option.

Outdoor Blinds Near me in Sydney


Perfect for hard-to-reach and larger outdoor spaces, automated blinds offer the ultimate in convenience and ease of use. Automated blinds offer benefits for many people. The elderly, or parents with younger children or even the homeowner who wants to skip the fuss of tangled cords and pulleys, motorised blinds can be managed from a remote control with just a click. The quiet motor and best-in-class design at Homeworx Australia will see your automated blinds offer great comfort and entertaining outdoor space for years to come.

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Homeworx Australia offers made-to-order Gazebo outdoor blinds to make your Gazebo the ultimate entertaining area. Not only do these protect your outdoor space from harsh UV rays, volatile weather and insects, they are also a cheaper alternative to structural wall support for your Gazebo. Usually, clear PVC plastic blinds are a popular choice to allow you the beautiful outside view of the surrounding garden and backyard.


Patio and pergola blinds are an indispensable choice to transform your outdoor space.  Choose from a wide range of materials including clear plastic, shadow weave or canvas depending on how you want to use your outdoor space. Further, the wide range of attachment style including zipper, crank, string, automated, strip and tracking system will have you spoilt for choices. You may also prefer motorized blinds for a safer, quicker and more convenient option.


Want to transform your personal retreat into a perfect place for relaxed indoor-outdoor living?  The wide range of styles and designs in balcony deck and veranda blinds at Homeworx Australia offer you all the privacy you need. These blinds protect and enhance your balcony or veranda space while you enjoy a full view of the outdoors.


Want a clear view of the outside of your outdoor space? As a business owner or a café, you’d certainly prefer clear plastic PVC blinds that showcase your best face? High-quality outdoor PVC blinds made of marine-grade plastic is fade and scratch resistant, thus work as your awesome weather shield.Further, the PVC heat welded blinds from Homeworx uses futuriustic technology that means it won’t wear, leak, or decay.


Commercial restaurant, café or bistro owners love these blinds to increase the available floor capacity while also adding a graceful and relaxed touch to their business. Choosing these café blinds in Sydney help create a comfortable area where you can entertain more customers like pet owners and people who like fresh air as they spend more time in the welcoming environment of your café. Pick from shade weave fabric, clear PVC plastic and more as you choose motorized pull options for better flexibility and convenience.


Do you love the beautiful outside view and need outdoor blinds for privacy at day & night, yet preserve the view outside? Want privacy from nosy neighbours yet don’t wish to restrict the outside view? Shade weave Blinds block out the sun and provide shade as you entertain your family and friends any time of the year. The smooth gliding track system and the unique spring-loaded action that allows you to easily roll these blinds and hold them open at any position makes them a great choice for your pergola, gazebo, patio and alfresco area. So why wait? Transform your outdoor space with Homeworx Australia today!


These track guided blinds utilise a spring-loaded action that permits users to easily roll the blinds up and down the slide track. They can be effortlessly opened to any position and can be locked using a locking system when fully installed. Available in versatile material options including Japanese  marine grade PVC, Shade weave fabrics, Tinted and more, Urban blinds not only safeguard from sun, wind, rain and insects but also creates a doorway in your blind with the assistance of a detachable post kit which provides you access to your garden without having to roll up a huge part of the blind. At Homeworx, All our PVC joins are high-frequency welded, so they come with added strength and guaranteed longevity.


Not sure where to start? We’re here to help. Call us on 0433 690 747 today to speak to the leading Outdoor Blinds Installation specialist in Sydney. Homeworx Australia can recommend you the right outdoor blinds solution including folding arm awnings Sydney so you can enjoy your outdoor space through all seasons.


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