Time to Replace Your Artificial Grass?

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Wondering if it’s time to replace your artificial grass?

Artificial Grass can be a boon if you are tired of constant lawn maintenance. It’s not surprising that artificial grass in Sydney is gaining immense popularity because it makes sense in so many home applications and even some landscaping problems where real turf would be difficult to water and maintain.

Whether on the balcony, driveway strip or urban interior courtyard, artificial grass is getting closer in look and feel to real grass. Even though one of the major benefits of artificial grass is its impressive lifespan of almost 20-25 years yet there will be a time when you would prefer to replace it.

1. Wear and tear

Think your artificial turf in Sydney showing signs of wear and tear? Two main factors dictate approximately how long the artificial grass will last and when you would want to replace it so it continues to look great and picture-perfect. These include the kind and frequency of wear and tear to your artificial grass impacts its longevity. Is it subject to constant damage? In this case, you are likely to see signs of damage very soon.

2. Give your terrace garden or patio a makeover

The last thing you’d want in your terrace garden or patio is worn-out synthetic turf. Replacing it with high-quality artificial grass turf or wall cladding synthetic grass for a lush green and lively look makes it look more pristine.

3. Prefer a softer artificial grass for pets and kids at home

Probably want to replace your existing synthetic lawn with a softer and cushion-like artificial grass where your pets and kids can enjoy running, jumping and playing. Or you may require premium quality artificial grass turf for your school playground. Choosing a synthetic grass turf that is free from lead and does not contain any hazardous or harmful chemicals in the play area acts as a landing pad far softer than a deck or patio service.

4. When planning a renovation

Planning to give your driveway a makeover with a stunning ribbon driveway? Probably want to give your landscape garden a more realistic and sculpted look with more natural-looking artificial grass. Latest innovations in artificial grass now ensure that they are available in a variety of styles, shades and in purpose-specific formulations for leisure games, indoor or outdoor, play parks, patios, lawns, gardens, residential and commercial complexes and even wall claddings.

5. Enhance the curb appeal of your property

Whether you are planning to put your house for sale or boost the property value in the neighborhood, replacing your existing turf with fresh artificial grass is a great way to instantly enhance the curb appeal.


Ready to replace your water-guzzling natural grass lawn with a picture-perfect artificial grass lawn that remains lush green and lively all around the year? It is important to choose a professional and experienced synthetic grass supplier near you to get all the benefits you desire. Get in touch today to discover the premium range of synthetic grass in Sydney that does not need to be mowed, edged or watered.

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