9 Popular Types of Outdoor Blinds: Which One is Right for Your Space?

Outdoor blinds are impressive additions not only for residential homes but also for commercial offices, as it facilitates using extended outdoor living spaces in style. Here are some popular types of outdoor blinds that you’ll commonly see in homes, restaurants, cafes, hotels, storefronts and even offices.

Outdoor Blinds


Popular Types of Outdoor Blinds

1. Retractable Awnings

If you have outer living spaces in the front, rear or around your home, then you can use retractable awnings to protect those outer living spaces from the direct rays and heat of the sun. It will provide you shade while you’re in your outer living spaces and don’t have to worry about the sun’s rays, wind or rain. Moreover, when you decide to enjoy the pleasant outside atmosphere, you can effortlessly pull them back as well. The folding arm feature facilitates temporary shade and shelter without requiring building a fitting frame.

2. Window Awnings

Window awnings can safeguard not only your home from the blazing sun’s heat but also your furniture which can fade when unprotected from sunlight. Besides, the window awnings act as an energy saver and can reduce your energy bills.

Gazebo blinds Sydney

3. Gazebo Outdoor Blinds

Did you know that gazebo is known by different names in different regions and parts of the world – they are known as shed, pergola, pavilion, summerhouse, kiosk, tea house, etc. Using custom gazebo blinds, you can safeguard your outdoor gazebo living space from outside elements and give a beautiful look to your outdoor structure in style. Besides, you can use PVC plastic blinds to weatherproof your gazebo outdoor living space from harsh climatic conditions, and it aids in keeping insects away and keeping the space as enjoyable as possible.

Outdoor Balcony Blinds in Sydney

4. Balcony, Deck & Veranda Blinds

Your home’s extended outdoor living spaces such as balcony, deck or veranda are kept protected from external elements such as wind, rain and sun’s blazing heat by these blinds. Thus, these blinds help you to enjoy your home’s extended outdoor spaces regardless of the climatic conditions.

Clear plastic blinds for outdoors

5. Clear Plastic PVC Blinds

Clear plastic PVC blinds are cheaper than aluminium or wooden blinds and also come with excellent heat and moisture-resistant qualities. It can help you to transform your outer space into a shielded, indoor living zone in a cost-effective way, and help you to save energy and extend the use of your outdoor area into the colder months.

Outdoor Restaurant Blinds Sydney

6. Cafe & Bistro Blinds

Bistro blinds or cafe blinds are alfresco (open-air) blinds that provide sharp, clear views without giving up protection. Besides, these blinds contain UV absorbents that aid in blocking out harmful UV rays and are water-resistant too. Cafe or bistro blinds are outdoor blinds that offer you the liberty to enjoy the outdoors without worrying about a confined view.

Outdoor track blinds

7. Shade Weave Track Guided Blinds

Unlike other blinds that have gaps on the left and right, track-guided blinds join at the sides, offering a sealed surface. Shade weave track guided blinds protect you, your space and your furniture from rain, wind, dust, sunlight and insects. Shade weave track guided blinds provide you with an array of solutions. These blinds don’t come with pulleys, ropes or zips; instead, they use an advanced smooth gliding track system. You get the option to choose from track guided or non-track-guided blinds.

Outdoor Drop Awnings Sydney

8. Drop Awnings

Drop awnings are also known as crank blinds, are ideal to shield any small or large window. Drop awnings are a stylish yet modest type of outdoor blinds ideal for any home. Drop awnings are effortlessly operated manually with a gear crank handle from outside. You can choose from shade weave fabric, clear PVC plastic or aluminium support structures. They are built to fortify against high winds and are flexible enough to safeguard you from the overhead sun when they are extended partially or fully. Besides, it offers a safeguard from the sun at low angles.

Urban Track

9. Urban Track

You can choose from tinted, clear, Japanese marine grade PVC and shade weave fabrics. All PVC joins are high-frequency welded, thus, they are robust and assure longevity. Choose your tracking, made from superior quality aluminium extrusions and then powder-coated to any color of your choice. To keep the panoramic views, you can select a removable position option if needed. Besides, you can get them in an electronically operated alternative too for added convenience.

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