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Outdoor blinds are a great adornment for any home, alfresco restaurant, or other commercial property that requires shade, security and style. Nowadays, outdoor blinds are as refined and elegant as indoor blinds. If you’re thinking of adding some functionality and exquisiteness to your outdoor space, here are some outdoor trends that are popular and trending at the moment.

1. Airy Vertical Blind Shutters

Installing vertical outdoor shutters in panels will let you open them as many or a few times as you want to create attention-grabbing focal points and privacy when and where you want. You will often notice white vertical blind shutters in coastal areas, and it looks magnificent when set against a dark backdrop, such as a black outdoor wall.

2. Adaptable Retractable Outdoor Blinds

It is possible to take the indoors outdoors and bring the outdoors indoors in a modern or contemporary house design. That means there are no specific set rules for decor space. If you have a liveable outdoor space with easy entry into the indoor living space, outdoor blinds make function and style sensible. Retractable outdoor blinds and screens are in trend, as they can retract up and down to cover the space elegantly. When you need protection from harsh winds or sunlight or need some privacy, you only need to push the button, and your spacious outdoor room turns into a relaxed indoor space. If you desire a more traditional home, cream color is an elegant choice, and go for charcoal to create a more refined look.

3. Stylish Fixed Shading Structure

Fixed shading structure is known as ‘Brise Soleil’ in the architecture world. They can enhance the overall look of your home, adding a distinctive and surprising touch. In summer, it effectively blocks heat from getting into your home so you can stay relaxed, serene and composed. These fixed shading structures accomplish an essential function and look plush. Homeowners can install stylish and functional fixed-shading structures at the time of house construction, and if homeowners did not include them, never mind, they can install them later.

4. Outdoor Blinds for Windows

Outdoor blinds are best suited for sliding windows, but you can also install them on extended brackets fixed to the wall that can clasp the blind from an outer angle. They allow more light to enter your home than close-fitting window blinds. They are ideal for windows that open out, such as awning windows.

5. Bistro Blinds

Bistro blinds are a superb choice, as they can extend the possibilities of your outdoor area. They are clear and transparent, giving you an open view yet shielding you from wind and rain. The zip joiners and extenders let you customise your space with different blind sizes. The blinds fit perfectly into channels at the edges, which keeps them in place and help avert the entry of the air from outside. When you add a patio heater during winter, it will convert your entertaining area into an extra room that you can use all year round. 

Choice of Materials

Outdoor blinds are available in diverse materials you can choose from, per your decor requirements. As knitted fabric can breathe, it won’t trap any warm air behind the blind. PVC is another superb alternative available in clear or coloured bistro blinds. Grey and contemporary charcoal are trendier color options. If you love a traditional look, go for lighter beige and white.

Final Words

Outdoor blinds have a variety to offer, and they adapt as the seasons and interior and exterior trends adapt. Check out the massive range of patio blinds, indoor blinds, plantation shutters and outdoor blinds in Sydney only at Homeworx Australia.

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