Popular Outdoor Blinds for Your Entertaining Space

Outdoor blinds


Outdoor blinds for an entertaining area are purposefully designed to provide shade to the area or enclose an alfresco or patio. Here are some popular outdoor blinds you can install in your home or office to provide privacy and shade to your entertaining space.

Patio or Pergola Outdoor Blinds

Suppose you have a patio or pergola area in your home. In that case, Homeworx Australia supplies outdoor patio and pergola blinds which are among our best-selling products and often used to enclose with professional outdoor blind systems so they get transformed into a complete room where you can entertain your family, friends and guests year-round. These outdoor blinds are wind-resistant and waterproof, making them adaptable outdoor blinds that you can consider for your entertaining space outdoors. 

Our patio and pergola blinds are perfect for residential and commercial properties where strong winds are often an issue. These blinds are sturdy and come with heavy-duty base rails, channels, and locks, guaranteeing minimal fabric movement and noise. Our outdoor blinds are integrated with sunscreen fabric, which is very effective in lowering the heat, providing shade, curtailing the impact of UV rays on your skin and protecting your furniture from fading due to constant and direct sun exposure. 

Apart from the sunscreen fabric option, you can also choose from tinted or clear PVC options depending on the level of privacy and blockout you want for your space. We provide these outdoor blinds in diverse color options so that you can select the color of your choice.

Retractable Awnings (Folding Arm Awnings)

Retractable awnings, also known as folding arm awnings, are a perfect adornment if you want to create a more shaded area extending from your roof. These awnings can grow up to three metres, rendering your outdoor entertaining space more shade. This type of outdoor shading is beneficial when you have a small space and don’t want constant shade, as it allows you to have the shade as and when you need it. Folding arm awnings are also an excellent option to add shade to your outdoor pool area or create shade for the kids’ play area.

As retractable awnings can be folded away when not in use, it helps to extend their life as they are not constantly exposed to UV rays which can fade the fabric. Furthermore, they can be easily stored when there are strong winds or rain in your locality. You can choose a sunscreen or blockout fabric per your needs. Blockout fabric will completely block the sunlight, while sunscreen fabric will let an adequate amount of light shine by filtering out the harsh UV rays.

Outdoor Plantation Shutters 

Outdoor plantation shutters are not blinds but a premium window treatment and an excellent choice for your home. Shutters are the perfect option to create a plush ambience in your outdoor space. These window treatments can provide complete privacy and intelligent light control; however, they are less effective at blocking the elements than some other outdoor styles can offer.

Outdoor shutters are perfect for entertaining spaces having a protective barrier, such as a partially enclosed deck or patio. Rotate the shutter louvers to operate. Fully opening the louvres will allow you to enjoy more airflow and sunlight. Closing the louvers will help create a sheltered, private outdoor space. Our high-quality outdoor shutters provide efficient insulation, are low on maintenance and can be quickly installed.

Motorised Outdoor Blinds

Our motorised outdoor blinds provide the utmost convenience for your outdoor space. By pressing a button on the remote, you can operate the motor fitted to the blind’s housing and thus easily control the outdoor blinds. We can integrate a motorised system into most of our regular outdoor blinds. 

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