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Outdoor Blinds

Outdoor blinds are excellent adornments for a home that will enhance the practicality of the area, provide privacy and keep the space protected from harsh sun glare, wind, rain and insects. Above all, it boosts the value of your property. Here, we will uncover popular styles of outdoor blinds and how they will benefit your home.

Timber Shutters

Timber shutters are an excellent choice for those who love the natural look, and it provides the best protection. Timber shutters offer warmth and a natural appeal that adds a positive air of charm to your home. Timber shutters are available in a natural oil finish, or you can paint them in the colour of your liking. All timbers are not equal, so it is vital to choose the appropriate wood for your home. Western red cedar is well known for its protective properties and versatility. The exceptional stability of this wood is ideal for making a wide range of window styles, including angled, raked and arched windows.

Wood is best known for providing excellent thermal insulation. That means it will help keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter; besides, you can angle open the shutters to get some fresh breeze in any season without forfeiting your privacy.

Aluminium Shutters

Aluminium shutters are highly functional, durable and appealing. With proper construction processes, aluminium shutters can withstand any harsh weather conditions throughout Australia, and at the same time, avoid things like rust formation and corrosion. Thus, it requires minimal maintenance. Once aluminium shutters are powder-coated, they will look stunning in any colour that you may select, making sure they suit your home.

With aluminium shutters having an adjustable tilt, you can conveniently open and shut, a welcome safeguard against your nosy neighbours and weather. Aluminium shutters can let in a cool breeze into your home or keep the heat within your home. The windows of your home are the chief source for heat loss, privacy problems and noise pollution, and aluminium shutters provide an exceptional solution to eliminate these issues in style.


Zipscreen is ideal for creating partial and complete privacy. Designed and manufactured in Australia, you can customise Zipscreen for home installation. Zipscreen is designed for durability especially, for Australia’s changing environments, and it renders excellent protection for your Alfresco and outdoor areas. Zipscreen offers the best privacy and protection from the elements. It keeps out the harsh sunlight and UV, wind and rain, and safeguard you from the snoopy neighbours, and you won’t have to worry about insects again.

Made with aluminium parts, you can powder coat Zipscreen with the colour you like and sleek fabric screens that you will get in an array of thicknesses. Above all, you can raise and lower your Zipscreen with the utmost ease using motorised or manual options.

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Every outdoor blind comes with its benefits, and you will need to choose the best option depending on your requirements and taste. With Homeworx Australia on your side, you’ll get the assistance of an experienced specialist installer, and you cannot go wrong with any of these outdoor blinds for your home.

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