Must-Consider Factors When Selecting Outdoor Blinds

You may love to sunbathe in the morning & enjoy the soothing sound of rainfall, but you may want to avoid getting direct exposure to these elements while relishing your outdoor living space. The weather is only one factor, but there are more factors that you need to consider when deciding on outdoor blinds and shades. We have compiled a list of essential factors to assist you in making an informed choice when purchasing your outdoor blinds in Sydney.

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The Purpose of Installing Outdoor Blinds

The first thing to ask yourself is the purpose of installing outdoor blinds. Do you want to install outdoor blinds to extend your outdoor living space so you and your family can spend quality time? Some other reasons could be adding more privacy to your backyard or protecting the new outdoor furniture set. Thus, it is vital to know the purpose of installing outdoor blinds, which will help you to narrow down the options.

Weather Conditions

You’ll need to consider weather conditions’ impact on your outdoor space to use it all year round. During summer, you will require protection from the sun’s blazing rays and glare; during monsoon, you’ll need shelter from winds and rain; and in winter, you want protection from the cool breeze. Instead of choosing for one weather condition or compromising on an outdoor blind solution, you will get several options that serve all four seasons with demountable or retractable capabilities.

Choosing a Fabric Type 

  • Mesh is a versatile fabric, available in many different grades, that can block out the effects of the sun in summer and keep out cold winds and rain in winter. 
  • Another material is canvas, which provides high UV protection and durability, like acrylic fabrics. 
  • And selecting a PVC material will protect you from the wind and rain and maintain a view of your backyard, letting natural light enter the outdoor space. Nevertheless, when you close your PVC blinds on a warm but windy summer’s day may make your outdoor entertaining area very hot.

Energy Usage

In summer, you can use outdoor blinds and awnings to make your home more energy efficient, as it can help block up to 33% of the sun’s powerful rays from entering your home. It curtails the over-dependence of air-conditioning systems.

motorised blinds sydney

Furthermore, motorised blinds and awnings are environmentally friendly. If you open and close retractable folding arm awnings every day for a year, it would cost less than $1 for the whole year.

Operating Ease

You’ll want to enjoy the sun’s natural warmth and light during the cooler months. And if you want to remain outdoors after sunset or when the wind starts to get stronger, you’ll want to close the blinds for fortification. Here, permanent, or retractable outdoor blind options will be desirable as they are easy to operate.

And when bad weather strikes unexpectedly, it can be challenging to work with ropes and pulleys manually. Fortunately, most patio, Ziptrak window blinds, alfresco shades and awnings can be motorised – so you can extend and retract outdoor blinds at the touch of a button.

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