Roll Up & Crank Blinds

Roll Up & Crank Blinds
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Roller blinds are accessible in an array of fabrics including translucent, block out and sunscreen. As per your preference, you can select the most fitting roll-up blinds to cover outside space of your home in the most desirable way. Moreover, you can balance the overall look of your property by selecting from an array of colours and designs.

Roller blinds are an exceptional alternative for your property’s external requirements if you’re looking for a window covering with plain lines that fit tightly to the window and doesn’t bother you with extra fabric.

How It Operates

Roller blinds are exterior shading device that will reflect and assimilate solar energy outside the property before it enters through the windows. These external shades significantly lower heat gain as they have the ability to assimilate, reflect and re-emanate up to 95% of the overall solar glare, permitting just 5% into the inside area. However, these elements are dependent on weather conditions as well as fabric’s type and colour selected.

These beautiful external blinds are not only fade resistant but also provide following advantages:

  • Robust: Made from premium quality fabrics, robust steel tubes and the high quality operating systems, roller blinds will serve you for many years without any hassles.
  • Simple operation: Roller blinds can be controlled by a chain drive, completely motorised or spring assisted, which makes them one of the simplest blinds to control. When you select chain drive or motorised Blind installation, you can easily connect several blinds together facilitating you to open and close multiple blinds at the same time.


Crank-operated blinds are best suited for covering huge open spaces. Many homeowners select crank blinds due to their distinctive ability to render insulation and at the same time blocks out sunlight. These intelligent blinds can provide privacy as well as utmost visibility and excellent ventilation. They can either be used as a supplemental coverage alternative for verandas or porches or can be used for windows. To obtain a neat view, the ropes and the crank can be handily placed away. Crank blinds might be the right choice for your home if you’re looking for a substitute to the conventional blinds.

Made to Order (Customised)

At Homeworx Australia, we can customise your blinds design. Select the translucent option for a classy view or tinted option for a more distinguished aura. Actually, trying out various fabric types provides you with even more choices when creating the ultimate crank blind for your windows. For your gear and handle blinds, you can select thickness between .75 and 1.0 mm.

Get in touch with us at Homeworx Australia on 1300 53 88 00 and our expert team will work with you personally to devise the best window treatment that your home truly deserves.

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