Restaurant, Cafe & Bistro Blinds

Restaurant, Cafe & Bistro Blinds
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Professional blinds are ideal for commercial restaurants, cafes and bistros. They add a graceful and relaxed touch to your space while producing the perfect level of light control. At Homeworx Australia, we can custom make premium quality shades that are not only durable and highly practical but also enjoyable and aesthetically pleasing.

Commercial restaurants, bistros and cafes prefer these blinds as they can effortlessly widen their outdoor space without exposing their customers to the elements. If you own a commercial restaurant, cafe or bistro, you can promptly extend your available floor space by installing professional blinds and facilitate your customers to stay longer. When customers feel relaxed and comfortable in a particular environment, they will end up spending more eventually.

Choices Abound

Homeworx Australia provides customised (bespoke) solutions depending on your precise requirements and budget. We can install a huge array of outdoor blinds for bistros, cafes and commercial restaurants. We can custom make blinds for your outdoor space and can enclose any big or small area with one of these beautiful outdoor blinds, creating the perfect space for your customers, thus, facilitating them to spend quality time.

  • Pick from shade weave fabric, clear plastic PVC and other material options.
  • Choose from manual or motorised pull options.
  • Zipper blinds don’t need ropes and pulleys.

For obtaining the ideal look, you must always install blinds having the perfect fit, as oddly sized blinds or blinds having gaps won’t look good. As there are abundant choices, our experts need to speak to you first to understand your outdoor space. Once we take the measurements, we can tell you exactly how many spans and which attachment systems will be ideal for your space.


Homeworx Australia can service any kind of dining establishment including commercial restaurants, bistros and cafes. Lend the right finishing touch to your business by choosing from our vast array of style and colour options.

Our expert team is always ready to assist through the entire process, right from measuring the space, material selection to building the blinds and installing them. We will ensure you get a superior service that is completely hassle-free.

If you’re looking to custom make outdoor blinds for your commercial restaurant, bistro or cafe, then give us a call at Homeworx Australia on 1300 53 88 00 for quick expert assistance.

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