Clear Plastic PVC Blinds

Clear Plastic PVC Blinds
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PVC (also known as polyvinyl chloride) used in clear plastic blinds is flexible and not hard like the same plastic used in manufacturing windows, doors and pipes. Clear plastic PVC blinds are also known as PVC, clear PVC, cafe, bistro and restaurant blinds.

Homeworx Australia imports PVC material directly from Japan and it’s a marine-grade plastic that is distinctively premium quality as it is made to be resistant to corrosive marine environments. This Japanese import is durable and can endure in tough Australian conditions. In contrast, cheap PVC plastic is evidently thinner, less durable, less scratch resistant, and generally imported from China. Except for some of the fittings used around the borders and terminology, there isn’t much difference between PVC blinds and blinds seen at cafes.

Homeworx Australia uses high quality, commercial-grade material for home and commercial installations. If you want to enclose the outdoor space making a temporary room then clear plastic PVC blinds are the ones that you should install. Clear plastic PVC blinds are recommended if you want a clear view of your outside area, as it is best known for its transparency.

Options for Fitting & Installation

Technical Info

  • Japanese clear plastic PVC
  • 0.75mm material thickness
  • UV Stabilised
  • 5-year warranty
  • Tinted options are available
  • Easy customisation per your space and requirement

If you need assistance with selection and installations of clear plastic PVC blinds, right away give us a call at Homeworx Australia on 1300-53-88-00 and we’ll be happy to help you all through.

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