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Outdoor Blinds Options

Unsure about the awning that you want to buy! The below-listed steps will help you to buy the perfect awning effortlessly for your home or office property.

Step 1Awning Style

Mix & match the awning styles whilst still maintaining a consistent appearance for your home.

  • Straight Drop
  • Deep Channel
  • Cable Guide
  • Side Retention System
  • Pivot Arm
Step 2Headbox Options
  • Closed Headbox
    Closed Headbox

    Keeps the fabric clean from rain, UV & dirt enhancing longevity.

  • Open Headbox
    Open Headbox

    Increased air circulation around the roller minimising heat build up for PVC skins.

  • Open Roller
    Open Roller

    A cost effective option offering a modern industrial look.

Step 3Operating Options
Internal Cord Winch

Perfect solution to operate your awning when the weather is not ideal outside.

Only available on 60mm tube.

Internal cord winch
Manual Crank

The geared crank ensures easy operation that is not dependent on your strength.

Available in:

  • 9:1 ratio gear or 4:1 for smaller awnings.
  • Black, grey or white colours and
    polished zinc in various lengths.
Manual crank

Motorisation Incorporating the best of technology & design, control your awning with a touch of a button. A range of premium & cost effective motorisation solutions are available.

View More about Motorisation Detail
Step 4Bottom Rail Accessories

The Alpha Awning Series
Bottom Rail holds the fabric taut & minimises any movement in windy situations.

The unique bottom rail is designed for functionality and quick installation.
  • Weight bar
    Weight Bar

    An additional weight bar can be inserted into the bottom rail for smaller awnings that require additional weight to reduce bottom rail bounce & increase fabric tension.

  • Locking bolt
    Locking Bolt

    Secures the awning into the side channel base, cable bracket or breeching staple. As the bolt is inserted inside the base rail, the system maintains its clean aesthetic, and allows the bottom rail to be positioned closer to the ground.

  • Pile brush & valance
    Pile Brush & Valance

    The floor surface is often not perfectly level. When an awning is installed over a wide width there will be room for light gaps, insects, debris, wind & rain to enter. A pile brush or a fabric valance can be inserted eliminating this gap.

Step 5External Fabric

There are numerous choices of awning fabric on the market.
When selecting your fabric, keep the following in mind

  • Air flow

    If you are enclosing a verandah or patio, consider if you still want to have a nice cool breeze coming through. If this is required, ensure you select an open weave fabric with around 10% openness.

  • Privacy & view through

    There are open & closed weave awning fabrics. Consider if you want day or night time privacy. An open weave fabric in a dark colour gives fantastic view through in the day, but also allows others to see in at night.

  • Durability

    Fabrics with Duraguard® Fabric Protector effectively repel most stain causing agents with its proven, water based, preventative, formula. It makes cleaning & maintaining the fabric much easier.

  • Colour fastness

    Ensure the fabric you choose has excellent fade resistance to the sun. Any fabric with a fade resistance result of 6 & above will ensure your fabric remains the colour you selected for many years to come.

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